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Jul 4, 2018

From RBS, Nick Muir joins us and shares that it’s not the data that matters, it’s how you use it. He notes that the organization must find customer data wherever it is in the enterprise as there’s no point in having the data if you can’t use it to understand and interact with your customers better. He notes that AI is certainly a solution at which he’s looking but that "when it comes to AI, the investment required is probably more than is being talked about.” As a progressive-thinking organization, Nick notes that RBS wants to spend on innovation. The business has a visualized a utopic state of how they support customers. And so, yes- automation will be implemented the right way as Nick strives to have an intuitive understanding of what the customer is looking for as they interact with the company. He’s on a search for a seamless crossover between automation and human service for the customer.